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First Baptist Church - Florence, AL
FBC Sermons Now Online

Sermons from Sunday morning services at First Baptist Church of Florence are now available on our webpage for download and available as a podcast.

To download a message click on the Sermon Audio section on the top of our webpage.

To setup messages to be delivered as a podcast direct your podcast application to our Podcast Feed that is available at the top of our webpage. You can also find our podcast in the iTunes Podcast Library.


FBC will collect items for the WICP Program that will benefit the clients they serve.  Please see list of items below that you can donate to help with this important ministry.

Paper Towels
Disposable Soap Pads
Paper Napkins
Dish Soap
20 oz. Styrofoam Cups
Unscented Wipes
8-12 oz. Hot Drink Cups
Pine Sol or Liquid Lysol
Holiday Table Wear
Lysol Spray
(Party Plates, Cups, Napkins)
Laundry Detergent
Liquid Fabric Softener
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Wipes
Dust Cloths and Dusting Spray


One Day Revival

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st 10:30 am

Guest Speaker – John Croyle founder and executive director of the BIG OAK RANCH.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st 6:00 pm

Frank Jones in concert